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It is now official that the Daniels Corporation has released its first rendering of the Wyatt Condos. This is a brand new condo that is under construction and is part of the revitalization plan for Regent Park.



According to details released by the corporation, the units will start selling this fall. The 27 storeys Wyatt will form white and black podium at the corner of Dundas street East and Sumach. The condos will have retail spaces demarcated by walls made of wood and bricks.


The Wyatt will have a collection of amenities that will cater for the needs of different dwellers.  It will have amenities every resident of Toronto expects. The amenities will include a lounge, a guest suite, a media room and a gym. In addition to this, it will also have a WELLBEATS:tm: studio.

Available also are other unconventional amenities that include an outdoor space that can be used for gardening, a kid’s zone as well as a bouldering cave. The bouldering cave can be used for climbing.  The kids’ zone will be located on the fourth floor and will feature a crafts room, a game zone, and a kitchenette.

One of the reasons why you should consider buying a unit at the Wyatt facility in Regent Park is that you will enjoy full access to the community center, Aquatic Centre and Athletic grounds.  You will also have access to the playground, splash pad, greenhouse, gardening plots, community oven, off-leash Dog Park and many others.  Other than this, you will also have full access to Daniels spectrum, creative &artistic heart near the Regent Park. All these facilities are just a few steps away from The Daniels Wyatt Condos.

Buying a Condo a suite at the Wyatt

The Wyatt condo offers a wide range of floor plans to choose from. You have the three bedrooms and studios to select from.  It does not matter whether you are single, young or you have a family. There are plenty of options at Wyatt that will satisfy your needs.

Daniel Corporation is the only corporation that accepts a down payment of 5 %. Also it has numerous deposit payment plans you can take advantage of. For instance as soon as you have signed an agreement of sale and purchase, you will be required to make a down payment of $3,500 and pay monthly installments of  $1,000 until you finish paying the 5% down payment.

If you are one of the few qualified first time buyer, you can take advantage of the First Home Boost. The program is designed to turn your 5 % down payment into 15% interest free payment loan from the Daniels. It lowers your mortgage hence reduces your carrying costs.

Are looking for more information about the Wyatt or Daniels Wyatt condos? Call 416-721-9966





4 Lessons from 2015 to Pump Up Your Content Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Content marketing is par for the course when it comes to sales tactics in the 21st century, but as the New Year begins, it’s time to reinvigorate your approach. Influencers change rapidly, relationships that impact your brand are constantly evolving, and new tools that measure these metrics are constantly being developed. Here are four lessons you can take from 2015 to maximize the success of your  content influence marketing strategies for the New Year.

    1. Remember the Basics

You already know what content marketing is and have most likely gone through a few different incarnations of strategy, given its popularity in business today. Business 2 Community reports that 93 percent of marketers utilize content marketing, so if you’re in that seven percent still behind the curve, it’s time to get in the game.

      1. Finding the Right Fit for Your Brand

It’s even become standard fare to have content marketing be the central focus of many companies’ marketing strategies, but there are certain fundamental basics you can’t forget. There’s the old-yet-new standby, blogger influence, but it’s not that simple. There are mechanics to content marketing that have nothing to do with actual content or competition, and everything to with effective management and organizational skills.

For example, in addition to explaining the basics, Content Marketing Institute elaborates and advises marketers to always put content marketing before social media marketing. This is the level of detail and understand you need to get into as a starting point if you haven’t already. Refining and establishing your content marketing plan should happen periodically, but especially at the end of the year when you’re reassessing your business’s annual results.

      1. Freshen Up Your Content Creation

You might have a great content creation team or work with an influencer who exerts massive sway over readers with blogger influence, but there comes a time when you need to switch it up. Just because you have great content doesn’t mean people are going to flock to your website, and that’s especially true if it starts to seem redundant or boring.

The next step, though, is figuring out the best way to do a refresh. Obviously you don’t want to turn around and fire a great content creation team or cut ties with an important influencer with whom you share a relationship. Convince & Convert suggests the possibility of creating your own influencers by pinpointing where your customers are in their decision making process, is perhaps the ideal solution.

They highlight three stages of a customer’s movements toward your product:

  • Research
  • Awareness
  • Purchase

If you can connect the customer at the right time to the person who can provide the information or action they’re looking for, then you’ve created a brand new type of blogger influence. This is the type of innovative approach to content marketing that you need to adopt in 2016.

      1. Write It Down, Since No One Else Is

It seems logical that if you develop a content marketing plan, that you would write it down and document it. Surprisingly few businesses actually do. According to a 2015 Content Marketing Institute study, only 32 percent of respondents had a documented content marketing strategy, 48 percent had a verbal version only, and 14 percent had nothing at all. These statistics reveal that, while content marketing isn’t a new concept, it’s an approach that still hasn’t been refined on the whole. This is how you get ahead of the game.

In 2016, it’s time to sit your core people down and devise a well-thought out, well-documented content marketing strategy. This will allow you to properly gauge metrics, and figure out what’s working versus what’s not. There is no bigger waste of time than creating content that doesn’t generate results, and the only reason that solid content wouldn’t be working for you is if you don’t know how to implement it properly.

The takeaway lesson from this gaffe of 2015 is deceptively simple: be more organized and make sure to write things down.

      1. Don’t Be Faceless

Have you ever read a blog post or a tweet with the author listed as a generic, faceless entity? That’s the kind of content marketing that doesn’t work. In addition to offering valuable content, you need to create a unique voice and personality that’s attached to what you’re putting out. Readers and potential customers will likely not connect to a blog post made by an author named “Staff,” which is a surefire way to drive readers away and not influence anyone.

The baseline lesson to take away from this information actually takes you back to the fundamentals of marketing itself: your customer has to believe you and the story you’re telling. One reason that the Internet has killed traditional marketing strategies is that people no longer want to be told what to buy or what they need. They often seek out information actively, and then venture deeper into a brand or product to understand what they can expect to find. It’s up to you to meet that expectation and initiate engagement by choosing to work with influencers who are good at crafting authentic content people believe.

Voice Types

Factors that signify your singing voice type: What’s a voice type? All the ingredients combined to create a unique sound .Basically there are four common voice types ie; Soprano, Mezzo-soprano (also called Mezzo), Tenor, and Bass.

These four elements which determine a voice type:

  • Age: Singers are basically at there best at a very young age ,that’s because the way we sound as we grow our voice also grows and the way we sound also develops into a more mature voice that cannot stand out ,think about the last time you heard your own voice and its surprising how with age our voice also changes lets say over the phone we listen to stranger call it’s easy to guess the persons age by listening to his/her voice. This happens because with age our entire body changes inside as well as outs
  • Range: Range is nothing but all the notes a singer can hit, which includes ones highest and lowest note ,when we initially start singing and practice as a beginner our voice has a shorter range, than experienced singers. Because the high notes or low notes get stronger with practice and also our breathing techniques also play a major part in this. As we practice more and more accompanied by a friend or just playing the song on CD your voice range will expand gradually .The major factor effecting how you sing or your voice type is range, here we understand in which range are we comfortable to singing in and how well we can balance our vocal cords. This range where a singer is most comfortable is called Tessitura. If you ever heard of this word in a song book or heard any professional musicians or singers discuss this word, this simply means the area where most of the notes lie in the song.
  • Voice Strength: It helps greatly if we know our Voice strength because this helps in determining your voice type. For casual singing without professional help focus on building different techniques and see how your voice responds to series of words or low and high pitch extracted. You just have to know how to listen and look for the various sounds your voice can make. Sopranos and tenors have a stronger voice than mezzos and basses. Each has its own uniqueness in singing and emitting sounds.

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A Successful Career In Art


An art teacher may just find it’s good sense to get one of the following degrees. It could be any good degree available such as a bachelor’s degree in fine, visual or even studio. You may just want to check with the state where you plan to teach and see if they require a specific degree.

How to become an art teacher

In your search for the school from which to receive your formal art education, take the following things into consideration. Start with seeing if any of your potential instructors have worked in the same area you are endeavoring to enter. This will be a big bonus. If it’s at all possible, get to know these potential instructors and even sit in on some of their classes.

Next, check out what type of support this school provides to their graduating students for finding a job. Inquire as to whether or not they have a department, or possibly some counselors that will help you with your search in finding art job after graduation. And be sure to find out what they charge to help you with finding a job if they provide the service.

If you can, try and speak to former students who have completed the course and graduated from the school you are interested in attending. You will want to know the good as well as the bad points of the coursework and placement service. Get tips on the art teachers too.

Obtaining your degree as well as your other required documents is not enough by itself. You must have a love for the subject of art as well. While you are guiding the children through their art lessons, your love of the subject will show through in your enthusiasm for the subject, and this will convey itself to the children making them more eager to learn the lessons.

Importance of teaching art

Teaching programs for this subject is an integral part of properly educating today’s youth. The importance of teaching art is often overlooked about core subjects such as English, math, and science. Education in this subject is critical in nourishing an individual’s intellectual, personal and social development.

Teaching programs and the arts are a critical part of every child’s education; this is why the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) places the subject as one of its core academic subjects. However, some schools, which are facing tight local budgets, have been forced to cut the subject programs due to lack of funds.

In addition to teaching programs teach students the arts for their sake, teaching students to make and experience subject is extremely beneficial to a student’s personal, intellectual and social development. this education can be particularly beneficial for those students who form economically disadvantaged circumstances as well as those students who are at risk of being unsuccessful in school. Many studies provide evidence that there is a strong relationship between this education and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master the other core subjects, including mathematics, science, reading and writing.

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